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Arizona Concealed Carry Law

Did you know that in Arizona if you are legally able to buy a handgun, you can carry it concealed?  Gun laws in Arizona are some of the most open in the United States.  Any person 18 years and older who has not lost the gun rights or who is not a “prohibited possessor” may openly carry a firearm.  Additionally, Arizona law allows firearms to be carried concealed by all adults without a permit as well.  There are three states which allow concealed carry without a permit now and these are Arizona, Alaska and Vermont. 

But what if you travel and need to carry in another state?  Arizona’s Concealed Carry Permit is actually one of the best CCW Permits in the nation, because so many states honor it (a whopping 37 in all!)  Arizona does still issue Concealed Weapons Permit through the Arizona Department of Public Safety.   This permit is honored via reciprocity in a multitude of states so you are able to carry virtually anywhere you may travel as long as you carry your permit.   You’ll be able to carry in nearly 75% of the United States! You can now feel safe and secure while traveling through our great country.  Additionally, a concealed weapons permit is still required if you wish to carry a concealed weapon in bars and restaurants when not consuming alcohol.

The application process is simple to apply for a concealed weapons permit in Arizona.  First, you need to take a firearms safety course and second complete the application and submit to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  Completing the first requirement is simple by taking our online course.  You’ll learn the basics from the best instructors in the nation, and then pass a short test afterwards.  You’ll then be able to apply for you Arizona Concealed Carry Permit.  It’s fast, easy, and for only $70, it’s the best value in the Concealed Carry market!


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