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Montana Concealed Carry Law

Montana ranks up at the top of the most permissive gun carry laws in the United States.  In Montana you may openly carry without a permit or license.  In addition to the generous open carry laws, concealed carry is also permitted outside of cities and towns throughout the state.  Montana has complete state preemption of firearms laws with exceptions being made for localities to regulate the carrying of concealed or open carry weapons.  These exceptions include public assembly, publicly owned buildings, parks within its jurisdiction or at schools.  Regulations are also in place for felons, minors, illegal aliens and the mentally incompetent.

Montana is a “shall issue” state meaning that anyone who applies and meets the requirement s and passes a background check will be granted a permit.  To obtain a concealed weapons permit in Montana a person must have been a Montana resident for at least six months, be a US citizen and be at least 18 years old.  Applications are available at your local sheriff’s office and must be signed in the presence of a representative after you present a valid ID.

Another option to obtain a concealed carry permit in Montana is to apply for a Arizona non-resident permit.  The leverages Montana’s reciprocity agreement with Arizona and gives you a faster way to apply for your permit online.

In Montana, there’s only one place to get your multi-state CCW permit entirely online: Online Carry Training.  Our class gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t in a convenient video, ready whenever you are, whenever is easiest for you.  It only takes about 20 minutes, and when you’ve passed a short test, you’ll be ready to apply for an Arizona Non-Resident Permit, which is honored in Montana and 28 other states.  It’s easy, intuitive, and our instructors are world-class.  It’s the best value available for your multi-state Concealed Carry Permit.


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