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North Carolina Concealed Carry Law

Welcome to, North Carolina’s premier Concealed Carry training website. 

We offer a fast and intuitive carry class entirely over the Internet.  Our expert instructors will guide you through all the basics, and then just pass a 20-question exam, and we’ll send you a certificate of completion. 

You’ll be able to apply for the Virginia Non Resident Carry Permit/License which is honored in North Carolina and many other states.  This is the easiest way to complete the training and paperwork required to obtain a concealed carry permit that will help you defend yourself and your family.


North Carolina has many restrictions regarding the purchasing and carrying of hand guns.  In order to purchase a handgun a Permit to Purchase or a concealed permit for handguns is required.  North Carolina is generally speaking an open carry state but there may be limitations with some local governments.   Some counties within North Carolina even require handguns to be registered with the county sheriff.

North Carolina is a “shall issue” state which means that anyone who applies and meets the requirements shall be granted a permit for concealed carry.  If you are interested in obtaining a concealed carry permit in the state of North Carolina you will need to apply through the local county sheriff’s office.  Every applicant must have completed a firearms training course that has been approved by the state of North Carolina.  Approved classes must be a minimum of 8 hours and must include a written test on state laws regarding the use of deadly force.  Additionally, you cannot have any criminal convictions that would make you ineligible to possess and carry and handgun.

But there is an easier way to apply for a concealed weapons permit.  North Carolina allows you to use the Virginia Non-Resident Carry Permit/License to carry concealed.  Get yours today!


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Online Carry Training makes no representations or warranties regarding its customers’ legal right or ability to carry a firearm in states with reciprocal permit to carry or conceal and carry agreements with other jurisdictions. Though the state-specific certification our customers receive will allow them to apply for a permit under the laws of the state for which our classes are designed, such certification may not give you the legal right or ability to apply for permits in other states, including your home state. You should consult with appropriate law enforcement officials, or your own legal counsel, to determine whether or not the certification you receive from our courses will make you eligible apply for a permit in a particular state, or to otherwise carry a firearm in that state.